Crested Gecko

crested geckoThe crested gecko, or Rhacodactylus ciliatus, is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among reptile keepers. A fairly recent addition to the reptile trade since its rediscovery in 1994, the great variety of colors and patterns make this amazing herp a distinguished favorite as a pet.

Crested gecko makes a good pet for the beginning reptile keeper as well as the more experienced reptile hobbyist. Created Gecko Care is created to guide you on the proper care and give you a general knowledge and overview of this unique reptile.

Crested Gecko CareSheet
Care guide for crestie including essential pet care. Care sheet summarize everything you should know about this gecko.

Crestie Information
General information, facts and origin of this unique reptile pet. Better understanding of this pet can help you to take care of him better.

Caging & Housing
The different types of housing and how to set up a captive habitat. A good understanding of their habitat and tank setup is essential for their health.

Temperature & Heat Control
The proper temperature and humidity conditions for the proper care of your lizard. A good and balance setting is the basic care for a healthy gecko.

Crested Gecko Supplies
An overview of the necessary supplies for keeping and caring for the pet which can be very basic yet meeting all of the needs of the geckos.

Substrate & Flooring
The proper set-up and recommended substrates for your crested gecko’s habitat that is safe.

Food, Diet & Feeding
How to and what to feed your geckos for optimum nutrition using variety of food including insects and commercial foods.

The proper way to handle your pet gecko and how to avoid biting.

Health issues that effect the crested gecko and how to care for them, including Floppy-tail Syndrome, Metabolic Bone Disease, Improper Shed and other health issues.

Breeding and Incubation
How to determine sex and breed your geckos. It is relatively easy but should be conducted with the health of the adults as well as the new hatchlings in mind.

Baby & Hatchling
All about the hatchlings, babies, juvenile and its care, including handling, housing, proper feeding and shedding of their skin.

Morphs, Species & Colors
The amazing morphs and colors span a wide spectrum of exciting combinations and may make it difficult to choose just one. Here’s a guide that you need!

Buying Guides, Crestie For Sales and Reputable Breeders.
Guide on how to find a great crestie, and where to look for them; and getting a pet gecko from the reputable breeders.

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