The Appeal of the Crested Gecko

What is the appeal of the crested gecko? What is it about this particular reptile that makes people want to keep them as pets? It is a combination of looks, temperament and ease of care that make the crested gecko one of the most popular reptiles. They are a species that is highly versatile in its appearance and intriguing in its behavior.

The crests that run from the eyes down the length of its back are what constitute its name. Sometimes called the eyelash gecko, the crested gecko has a unique look. Its various color and pattern combinations make it even more appealing. From a pale yellow or cream to a vibrant fiery red, the colors can be amazing. Add to that a pattern of stripes or dots and you have a truly beautiful reptile.

The crested gecko is a docile animal that if treated properly, can become to like being handled. They are also amazing jumpers, often leaping from your hand. This makes careful handling a must, as they may harm themselves. They enjoy being with other geckos, although two males will fight for dominance if placed together. A male and two females is a safe combination. Crested geckos will often curl up together to sleep.

The crested gecko is very easy to take care of and this makes it a very popular species in the reptile trade market. Many people who purchase just one find themselves adding to their gecko population frequently. This generally turns into breeding and many crested gecko owners keep their hatchlings to raise.

Interesting to watch, easy to care for and highly unique in color and pattern, the appeal of the crested gecko is obvious to many. The more that is learned about the species only tends to increase its popularity.