Babies & Hatchlings

Crested gecko babies are barely an inch in length when they hatch and their care is very similar to adults. There are just a few subtle differences in the care of crested gecko hatchlings that involve handling, enclosures, feeding and shedding. Watching them grow and become healthy, mature pets is enjoyable for many keepers.


The crested gecko hatches between 60 and 100 days. If they are exposed to lower temperatures, the hatch time will increase. This is actually beneficial to the gecko, as a longer hatch time will produce a healthier and stronger reptile. On the contrary, higher temperatures will result in a shorter incubation time and the hatchlings will be weak due to rapid development.

New Home Placement

Once the baby crested geckos hatch, they should be transferred to a small enclosure that is outfitted simply with paper towels as substrate. A few branches and plants should be placed in the enclosure to make them feel secure, but not so much to block your view or make it difficult for the hatchling to find its food.


crested gecko babies & hatchlingsCrested gecko hatchlings will generally not begin eating until after their first shed, which takes place 2-3 days after hatching. They are sustained on the nutrition from their yoke sack. The new gecko should be observed to make sure its first shed is complete. Misting them and their enclosure twice a day will help.

Once they have shed, crested gecko babies can be fed 1/8” crickets or the Crested Gecko Diet (CGD). To encourage them to eat, you can put a small drop of food on the gecko’s nose and let them lick it off. Crickets should be gut-loaded or coated with a supplement powder to ensure that the baby gecko gets the required nutrition.

Handle With Care

Baby crested geckos should not be handled right away. This can cause them stress. They are very skittish and can quickly get away, possibly causing themselves injury. Give them one to two weeks’ time to acclimate to their new surroundings and limit handling to five minutes per day. It is best to handle them while sitting so that if they jump away they will not have far to fall.

Crested gecko babies are very small and delicate. They are also very skittish and should be cared for gently. When acquiring crested gecko hatchlings, you will take much pleasure in watching them grow and become more comfortable and secure in their new environment. In four months, they will have reached their juvenile stage and can be transferred to a larger enclosure. During that time, take good care of them and watch them thrive.

Crested Gecko Baby Care
Caring for the babies is easy but requires attention to their handling, housing, proper feeding and shedding of their skin.