Where to Find Reputable Crested Gecko Breeders

Crested gecko breeders can be found easily on the Internet and at reptile exhibitions worldwide. With the multitude of color and pattern combinations possible with the crested gecko, breeding them has become quite lucrative for many reptile enthusiasts. If you are looking for a particular color or pattern morph, contacting a crested gecko breeder is a great start.


Reptile exhibitions and events occur all over the United States and worldwide throughout the year. If you are interested in meeting breeders and discovering the wild world of reptiles, you can look on www.reptilechannel.com for a complete listing of reptile shows and events. The listings are compiled by month.

Breeders of crested geckos travel miles to show and sell their stock. Meeting breeders at exhibits can help you understand the crested gecko and its care requirements. Visiting breeders at shows gives you the opportunity to observe crested geckos in various environments and at various stages of maturity.

Online Breeders

Online prices for crested geckos from breeders generally run from $59 to upwards of $150, depending on the color and pattern morph. The most popular morphs will generally run at the higher end of pricing. Buying from a reputable breeder is essential for obtaining a healthy pet.

One of the largest reptile breeders online is Pangea. They specialize in the crested gecko, producing large quantities of high quality specimens. Pangea provides a 30-day guarantee on all crested geckos. They also provide all of the supplies necessary to care for the reptiles, making it easier to stock up on care essentials.

Once you have established a good relationship with one particular breeder, you can work with them for any future purchases. If you should have any questions, you can turn to your original breeder for answers and advice. If you should want to obtain another crested gecko, you may be able to place a request for any special color or pattern.

Locating reputable crested gecko breeders is not too difficult now, as the popularity of this species has increased significantly. Whether you choose to purchase a created gecko from a breeder at an exhibition or online, always do a bit of research beforehand to ensure that you are getting the best possible quality specimen.