Choosing a Crested Gecko by Morph

Choosing a crested gecko by morph can be a difficult task, as there are so many varieties of color and pattern. This is one of the reasons that the crested gecko is such a popular reptile pet. The color and pattern variations are virtually limitless, especially if you are buying from an experienced breeder.

One thing to remember when choosing a crested gecko for their color is not to rely on the color of a hatchling, as it will change as they mature. The crested gecko does not develop its natural color until at least nine months. A baby may hatch a bright red but end up being yellow as an adult.

If available, you may want to see the parents of the hatchling. This will help you to determine what color the crested gecko will become when mature. The hatchling will most likely resemble the parents when it is an adult.

Also keep in mind that a crested gecko changes colors throughout the day. Some factors attributed to these color changes are temperature, humidity and stress. Most crested geckos will be at their most intense color at night. This is called being “fired up”.

choose crestie by morphTherefore, if you observe a crested gecko during the day and you are surprised at how bland its color is, just wait until night when its true deep coloring will appear. Also, if the crested gecko is highly stressed, its color will appear quite bland.

One of the most popular crested gecko color morphs today is the Creamsicle. It is a cream and orange fire crested gecko that makes a stunning combination. The Halloween morph is also very popular and is a brown and orange fire crested gecko. The fire crested gecko is one of the more common color morphs. It has a lighter patterned head and dorsal area, with lighter color between the front and hind legs as well.

With so many color and pattern combinations available, it is no wonder that no two crested geckos are the same. This makes choosing a crested gecko by morph a very complicated decision. Of course, often you will know immediately which color or pattern appeals to you and the decision is made.