Crested Gecko Cage: Glass or Screen

There is a large variety of crested gecko cages made from glass or screen. They are available in a large spectrum of sizes for whatever your needs may be. There are benefits to both screen and glass cages for the crested gecko. However, there are drawbacks to either so when selecting a cage for your crested gecko, it is best to understand the differences.

Screen Cages

The largest benefit of the screen crested gecko cage is that it allows thorough ventilation. This is beneficial to the gecko’s environment so that mold and mildew do not develop in the cage. It also keeps the environment from getting too warm. The screen cage provides a great climbing surface for the crested gecko and gives the keeper a great view of the gecko’s activities.

crested gecko cageThe drawback to the screen cage is that it does not hold humidity well. This can easily be remedied by misting at least twice per day to ensure that the gecko gets the hydration it needs. Proper hydration is vital to the proper shedding of the crested gecko.

Screen cages come in a variety of designs and sizes. You can have a cage custom made that is framed in wood or purchase one that is ready made with a lightweight metal frame construction. There are numerous sellers on the Internet or you can purchase one through a pet store or at a reptile show.

Glass Cage

Glass crested gecko cages are wonderful for viewing your crested gecko and for maintaining the humidity level in the environment. They should be made with a screen top to allow ventilation and easy access. The drawback to the glass cage is that mold and mildew can form easily due to the humidity and lack of overall ventilation.

The glass cage can be cleaned easily by wiping down the sides with a reptile-safe disinfectant and rinsing well with water. The glass offers a great view into the crested gecko’s habitat, allowing you to observe easily.

Glass cages can be custom made or purchased in various sizes and designs. They can be framed in wood, metal or can be constructed of all glass or Plexiglas. They are available through the Internet, pet stores or from vendors at reptile shows.

The most important feature of any crested gecko cage is the height. The crested gecko is a natural climber and needs to have a tall cage to accommodate this habit. They like to climb onto the surface of the cage and also onto plants and branches provided in their habitat. Whatever type of cage you choose, be sure to consider all of the options and needs of the crested gecko.