Crested Gecko Natural Habitat

The crested gecko natural habitat of New Caledonia is located northeast of Australia in the Southern Pacific Ocean. The climate there is mild tropical, with temperatures rarely topping 80o. The crested gecko makes it home in the canopy of dense treetops in the lowland rainforests. It is there that this unique reptile hangs from branches, sleeping during the day and becoming active at night.


At night, the crested gecko roams among the treetops hunting for food, jumping from branch to branch. Because the crested gecko likes to climb, it is important that the captive gecko is housed in a tall enclosure with a multitude of branches and plants. The more similar their captive environment is to their natural habitat, the better.


The substrate in a natural enclosure should be a substance that retains moisture, helping to maintain a proper humidity level. Peat is a good choice for this reason and because it is organic and provides a soft landing if the gecko should fall.

Temperature and Humidity

crested gecko natural habitatSince the temperature of the crested gecko’s natural habitat falls between 70o and 80o, keeping your gecko at room temperature is adequate. The temperature should not fall below 60o as this can lead to illness. A ceramic heating pad can be placed under the enclosure if the temperatures should become too low in the room where you keep your crested gecko.

To properly maintain the humidity, mist the enclosure daily. It is best to keep the humidity level at a minimum of 70%. If you have live plants, this will also help with the humidity and the gecko will lick the droplets of water off the plants for hydration.

Hides and Climbing Surfaces

For the comfort of your crested gecko, a natural environment should include plenty of branches and plant life for the gecko to use for climbing and hiding. They like to have sufficient cover, as their natural habitat of New Caledonia has dense forestation.

The gecko is an avid jumper and climber and will be most happy with an environment that has plenty of places on which to jump and climb. Installing branches and other tank decorations will enhance their experience and create an aesthetically pleasing habitat.

The crested gecko natural habitat of New Caledonia can be duplicated in their captive environment. Providing the gecko with plenty of plants, climbing surfaces and keeping the humidity and temperature at proper levels will ensure the health and happiness of your crested gecko.