Crested Gecko Problems

Most crested gecko problems can be avoided or easily remedied, but you must be aware of the issues involved with caring for and keeping this reptile. There are a few health problems that are prevalent among this species, as well as some minor behavior problems. Overall, the crested gecko is an easy to care for pet that is enjoyable to observe and handle.

Although the care of crested geckos is relatively easy, you should be able to dedicate time daily to your pet. Hatchlings especially require additional care up to four months. They can be very vocal when you handle them, as they use this as a defense against predators. They may tend to nip you at first until they get used to being handled.

Always handle the crested gecko gently and make sure you are seated. They are great jumpers and may leap out of your hand and hurt themselves. They also may become stressed and lose their tail, which does not grow back. This is not generally a health issue to the crested gecko.

crested gecko problemsThe crested gecko home can become messy and requires regular maintenance. The crested gecko is known for being quite messy due to its waste. If you use organic peat, the waste will naturally decompose. Other substrates will have to be changed. You may want to start out with an easily disposable substrate at first, such as paper towels. This will allow you to thoroughly clean the habitat and simply replace the soiled substrate.

Crested gecko noise can be quite entertaining. They tend to be very verbal during mating and at night if you house 2-3 crested geckos together. They let out chirping, squeaking and barking sounds to communicate.

Common health problems with the crested gecko are incomplete shed, metabolic bone disease and other issues associated with improper nutrition. These crested gecko health issues are discussed in more detail in the health section of this website.

Overall, crested gecko problems are minimal. They are docile, interesting and have individual personalities. When given the proper nutrition, handled properly and their habitat well maintained, the crested gecko will provide years of enjoyment for the keeper.