Crested Gecko Sleeping Habits

The crested gecko sleeping habit follows a nocturnal path, sleeping during the day and awaking at night. In the wild, they search for a secure hiding place close to or on the ground and sleep through the night. Some keepers have noticed that the crested gecko is very habitual and will often return to the same place to sleep every night.

The Company of Others

They enjoy the company of other crested geckos and will often share their sleeping space with another, curling up during the day together. In captivity, they will often sleep curled up among the branches and leaves of plants within their habitat.

Upside Down

crested gecko sleepingSometimes a crested gecko will sleep upside down on the glass of its terrarium. It is believed that this can lead to floppy tail syndrome, where the pelvic bone can no longer support the weight of the tail. You can help this by providing a large variety of climbing surfaces for the crested gecko.

Awakening Noises

The crested gecko will begin to awaken in the evening hours. They can be quite amusing to watch as they wander around their habitat. If you house several crested geckos together, they can also be quite vocal at night, barking and yipping at each other.


The crested gecko does not require any special lighting. If the temperature should fall below 60o, however, an infrared heat light bulb may be used to provide warmth. Infrared light is invisible to the crested gecko and will not disturb its sleeping pattern.

You can observe the crested gecko sleeping during the day and marvel at this creature’s antics during the night when it awakens. It is best not to disturb the gecko during the day when it is sleeping.