Crested Gecko Vivarium: The Place of Life

The crested gecko vivarium can be set up in various ways.  The most important feature of a vivarium is its height, since the crested gecko is a natural climber.  By providing them with plenty of room to climb and move around, you are giving them the most comfortable habitat.  Adding plenty of climbing surfaces and plants helps them to acclimate and feel comfortable, while allowing them variety for sleeping, hiding and climbing.

Place of Life

The Latin meaning of vivarium is “place of life.”  The vivarium will be the home of your crested gecko and its purpose is to be set up as close to their natural habitat as possible.  Most vivariums are large enclosures made of wood on one to three sides, with a glass front and screened top.  This set-up allows maximum viewing and ventilation.

You may want to choose a vivarium that has a side opening for easy access.  Top access may be difficult, depending on the size, and can cause stress to the crested gecko.  They may identify your reaching hand as a predator.

Vivarium Size

crested gecko vivariumWhen choosing a vivarium for the crested gecko, an enclosure no less than 20 gallons should be used.  For hatchlings, a 10-gallon tank is sufficient until they reach four months.  If you plan on keeping more than one crested gecko, a larger vivarium should be used.

Larger vivariums can be set up elaborately with many plants, climbing surfaces and natural peat substrate.  These type vivariums are referred to as natural enclosures and are not only very nice for the crested gecko but are also very aesthetically appealing in your home.

Vivarium Set-up

If you are just starting out with a crested gecko, you can create a very simple vivarium set-up.  You can purchase a small but tall Plexiglas or glass crested gecko terrarium and outfit it with a few plants and some climbing surfaces, such as branches.  Installing a simple substrate of paper towels is easy to clean and replace.  If you want something more aesthetically appealing, you can use peat or coco fiber.

The crested gecko vivarium will provide a secure, healthy environment that when set up properly will support the animal’s habits and activities.  Remember to consider height, ventilation and humidity control when choosing a suitable home for your crested gecko.