Crested Gecko Water

Water is a vital part of crested gecko care.  They require water for proper hydration to keep them healthy and to promote complete sheds.  You can provide the crested gecko water directly by using a shallow dish or through daily misting of their habitat.

Misting the Habitat

The crested gecko’s natural habitat is the dense, humid forests of New Caledonia; therefore, they do require a certain level of humidity.  It is not critical to keep their enclosure humid at all times.  By misting the enclosure thoroughly each night, you are providing their environment with sufficient humidity.  Generally, the humidity should be 70%.

reptile misting systemBe sure to let the enclosure dry out throughout the night and next day to prevent build-up of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to the crested gecko.  An enclosure with a screened lid is best to keep proper ventilation and prevent any fungus from forming inside.  The gecko will lick the water from droplets off of plants, decorations and the sides of its enclosure to receive the majority of its hydration.

You can use a simple sprayer filled with non-chlorinated water to mist the enclosure.  If you use peat as a substrate, this will be a good indicator of proper moisture levels.  The enclosure itself should be dry the next day and the peat should be moist, not wet.  If the peat is too damp or there are puddles, you are over-spraying.

Water Dish

Providing your crested gecko with fresh, clean water in a shallow dish will further enhance humidity and will provide a place for the gecko to soak.  Most geckos do not actually drink from the dish, as they prefer to get their water from the droplets left behind from misting.  Further, it is believed that the crested gecko is unable to see standing water.

It is vitally important to keep the crested gecko water supply clean and the enclosure misted properly.  The gecko relies upon proper hydration in order to shed properly.  You can tell if your gecko is dehydrated if when the skin on their back is lightly rubbed, it will stay in a peak.  If this happens, adjust your misting appropriately and monitor its shedding.

As with any living thing, water is a vital part of crested gecko care.  You can keep your crested gecko healthy by spraying their enclosure nightly, keeping it well ventilated and supplying them with a clean dish of water.