Crested Geckos as Pets

The crested gecko is rapidly becoming the most popular species in the reptile pet trade. More and more people are seeking crested geckos as pets and for good reason. They are relatively affordable, easy to care for, hardy, available in many different colors and patterns, easy to breed and have individual personalities. The crested gecko makes a good pet for the beginning reptile keeper as well as the more experienced.


The capture and export of crested geckos from the wild is strictly prohibited now, but a variety of breeding lines have been established in Europe and the United States. This makes the crested gecko available in many color and pattern combinations at costs ranging from $70 up to $300, depending on morph.

Easy Care

pet crested geckoThe crested gecko is relatively easy to care for by beginners and more experienced reptile keepers alike, requiring only the most basic enclosure and habitat. Feeding crested geckos has become easier now as well due to the introduction of special diets that are well-balanced nutritionally.

By simply misting their enclosure daily and providing a shallow dish of water, the crested gecko receives the proper amount of hydration and humidity required for good health. This is most important for the gecko’s proper shedding.

Healthy and Hardy

The crested gecko is generally a very hardy species and if proper care is given they should live a long and healthy life. The most common of health issues is an incomplete shed and this can be easily avoided if the enclosure is misted daily; more so if you notice shed skin sticking to their toes or tail.

With a proper diet, the crested gecko receives the nutrients its needs and will not succumb to illnesses such as metabolic bone disease resulting from a deficiency of calcium. There are readily-available diets on the market now and the crested gecko can also be fed fruit baby food as a treat. Their diet can also be supplemented with crickets.


The wide variety of colors and patterns of the crested gecko only adds to their popularity as a pet. They range in color from shades of yellow, gray, orange and brown. They can have stripes, dots or can be completely free of pattern. These vast variations of color and pattern make the crested gecko a most sought-after specimen of reptilian pet.

Crested geckos as pets are unique, interesting and full of character. They will even acclimate to routine handling. They are great jumpers, however, and should be handled carefully. Overall, the created gecko is friendly, colorful and highly interesting to watch. They make wonderful pets and are only growing in popularity as more is discovered about them.