Crested Gecko Feeding Amounts and Techniques

Crested gecko feeding is very easy and has been made much simpler with the introduction of new commercial foods that are nutritionally balanced. The crested gecko is omnivorous, eating both animals and plants. They can be fed a staple diet of commercial food, along with crickets and mashed fruit as long as their nutritional needs are met.

Baby Geckos

Baby geckos generally do not begin eating until after their first shed, which takes place 2-3 days after they hatch. At that time, you can feed them crickets no larger than ½” long 2-3 times per week. Feed them daily with the T-Rex Crested Gecko Diet and as a treat, they can be fed a tablespoon of mashed or pureed fruit.


crested gecko feedingThe feeder crickets should be no larger than the space between the crested gecko’s eyes. They will choke or become impacted with larger insects. Crickets should be gut loaded or dusted with a supplemental powder before being fed to the gecko. This ensures that the gecko is receiving the proper nutrition, especially calcium and vitamin D3.

Four to six crickets can be fed to the crested gecko 2-3 times per week. Do not leave live crickets in the enclosure overnight for they have a tendency to bite on the gecko. Once you’ve noticed how many your gecko eats, you can adjust the amount accordingly.

Crested Gecko Diet

The T-Rex Crested Gecko Diet (CGD) is a meal-replacement powder that is mixed with water to form a paste. It can be fed to your gecko every day or every other day. Place the CGD in a small dish at night and leave it until morning. If your crested gecko does not seem to be eating it, place a small drop of the food on his nose and let him lick it off.

The CGD can be alternated with live crickets and mashed or pureed fruit. It is a good idea not to get your gecko in the habit of eating fruit baby food due to the preservatives and sugar content. Fresh fruit is best, such as mashed apricots, mangos and bananas. You can mix supplement powder into the fruit for added nutrition.

Crested gecko feeding should always be done at night, as this is when they are fully awake and alert. Feed them the CGD for a balanced meal, add crickets so they can exercise their hunting skills and add variety with mashed fruit. Use the proper supplements, especially calcium and D3, and you will have a healthy crested gecko.

Crested Gecko Diet
The diet is omnivorous, easy to maintain and should be enhanced with calcium and vitamin D3 supplements.

Reptile Food for a Balanced Diet
Crested gecko food formulated to be nutritionally balanced is readily available, but supplementing with mashed fruits and insects provides variety.