Crested Gecko Food for a Balanced Diet

Crested geckos are omnivorous, eating both plants and animals. In captivity, crested gecko food consists of live insects, pureed fruit and special dietary blends formulated for the species. It is essential that the crested gecko receive a nutritionally balanced diet.

A Complete Diet

It is now much easier to provide a crested gecko with a healthy diet, given the emergence of commercial diets. The Crested Gecko Diet (CGD) by T-Rex, developed by the renowned breeder Allen Repashy, is formulated to provide all of the nutritional requirements of the crested gecko.

The CGD is sold in powder form and you simply have to mix it with water. When mixed with water, it forms a thin paste and can be fed to the gecko in a small dish. It should be fed at night every other day and taken up in the morning. Some keepers have noticed that when feeding the crested gecko a mixed diet of the CGD, fruits and insects seems to alter the composition of the CGD and reduces its nutritional benefit. Therefore, a vitamin and mineral supplement should be provided.

Supplement the Gecko’s Diet

To supplement the CGD and offer your created gecko eating variety, feed them crickets and mashed fresh non-citrus fruit, such as mangos and bananas. Crested geckos are hunters and therefore should be given crickets as a means to exercise their hunting instincts and give them variety. They are also fun to watch while pursuing their live meals!

crested gecko reptile foodInsects should be fed to the crested gecko live and should be no larger than the width of the gecko’s head. Anything larger presents a choking risk to the gecko, as they do not have strong mandibles. Feed your crested gecko with insects dusted with calcium once or twice per week. Feed them four to six crickets and do not leave live ones in the cage for they will tend to bite on the gecko.

You can feed your crested gecko mashed fresh fruit or fruit baby food as a treat. It is best to feed them fresh mashed fruit as opposed to baby food because of the high sugar content and preservatives in manufactured baby food. The crested gecko particularly seems to like mango and banana.

Now with specific crested gecko food being readily available, it is easier than ever to feed your gecko a nutritionally balanced diet. Supplementing their diet with fresh mashed fruit will give them variety and feeding them crickets will give the crested gecko hunting opportunities. When feeding the crested gecko a combination diet, remember to include a calcium and vitamin B2 supplement.