Preparing the Crested Gecko for Breeding

Preparing the crested gecko for breeding is relatively easy but requires certain elements to be in place. They must be healthy, of a certain age and weight and the female must be well supplemented with calcium so that laying eggs does not take a toll on her health.

Most crested geckos become sexually mature when they reach approximately nine months in age. However, it is generally advised to wait until they are fully grown, which normally takes a full year. The best way to gauge the appropriate time for mating is by the weight of the crested gecko, which should be at least 35 grams.

Groups of one male and up to five females can be placed together for breeding. Temperature does have some effect on the inducement of breeding. Temperatures between 75o-80o during the day, with a 5o temperature drop at night are preferable.

geckos breeding preparationThe breeding crested geckos should be provided with nutritional meals, including gut-loaded crickets and the Repashy Crested Gecko Diet. It is a good idea to check the calcium sacs of the female and supplement her diet accordingly.

To properly prepare the cage, you should provide a container in which the female can dig in and lay her eggs. It should be of sufficient size to accommodate the female crested gecko and allow her room to dig at a depth of 3-4 inches. Peat moss is an ideal medium for egg laying.

The egg-laying container should be concealed with cork bark or other natural materials so that the female will feel secure when laying her eggs. The peat moss or other medium used should be kept moist at all times. Misting twice a day is recommended.

Preparing the crested gecko for breeding is relatively easy and can be accomplished with just a few important steps. Remember to breed only those crested geckos that have reached at least 35 grams in weight and are healthy. Provide a secure and concealed place for the female to lay her eggs and keep the substrate within moist. Provide the female with supplemental calcium and vitamin D3. Be patient and enjoy the process.