Crested Gecko Handling

With their silky skin and perpetually smiling face, it is natural to want to handle the crested gecko. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when doing so. Overall, crested gecko handling should be kept to a minimum. They are good jumpers, should be handled gently and the very young should be given time to acclimate.

Jumping Warning

The first thing to consider when handling the crested gecko is that they are excellent jumpers. Be sure that you are holding the gecko while seated to prevent them from jumping from high places and hurting themselves.

Do not try to grab the crested gecko to prevent them from jumping, as this can be stressful for them and they could even lose their tail. Losing its tail does not cause any harm to the gecko, but the tail does not grow back.

Acclimating the Gecko to Handling

When initially handling your new crested gecko, they may be stressed and nip at you. Hatchling geckos may let out a chirping sound when being handled, as this is their normal defense mechanism in the wild to distract predators. This is also heard in adult crested geckos during breeding.

crested gecko handlingYoung crested geckos, up to the age of three months, should be handled very little. New geckos should be allowed a few weeks to acclimate to their new habitat before being handled. Once they are settled, handle them as little as five minutes per day for several weeks to get them used to it. Gradually move up the handling time to no more than 15 to 20 minutes per day.

To get your new gecko to respond well to handling, offer them a treat afterwards. Feed them some fruit baby food or puree and let them eat from your hand. When you pick up a crested gecko place your finger under its head and let them crawl onto your hand. This is a much gentler and less stressful way to handle your crested gecko.

Crested gecko handling should be carried out with care to minimize stress on the animal. By handling them gently and allowing them to move freely from one hand to another will help them acclimate to you and cause less stress. Most crested geckos enjoy being handled for short periods of time.

Crested Gecko Bite & Attack
The attack and bite is not often felt, but they do sometimes bite with over-handling and during mating.