How to Choose a Crested Gecko?

When considering how to choose a crested gecko there are several factors that are important. The health of the gecko is most important and knowing what to look for in a healthy specimen entails learning about the species. Also important is purchasing your crested gecko from a reputable seller or breeder. When you have armed yourself with this knowledge, you will be confident in your choice.

What to Look For

The first priority in choosing a crested gecko is that it is in optimal health. The signs of a healthy crested gecko include:
• Active and alert
• Body and tail rounded and filled out
• Clear nose and vent
• Clear, alert eyes
• Healthy skin with no unshed skin attached
• Eats regularly
• Straight tail without curves or kinks

If choosing a crested gecko in person, remember that they are nocturnal and may be a bit sluggish during the day. Therefore, this should not be a sole indicator of their overall health. They will most likely become more active and alert at night.

Color is another changing factor in the crested gecko. Their skin color can change due to a number of reasons including stress. Their color also darkens and changes as they age, so the color of a hatchling may not be the same when it reaches maturity. The best way to judge color is to see the parents.

The crested gecko also becomes more vibrant in color at night. During the day they may seem somewhat dull in color and then become what is called “fired up” at night. You may want to observe your potential new pet at different times of day to get a better idea of its coloring. The pattern, whether striped or spotted, will remain the same.

Finding a Reputable Seller

As for the reputability of the seller or breeder, join online communities and ask experienced reptile keepers. If the seller or breeder is local, inspect the cage where the gecko was kept for cleanliness and proper overall conditions. Ask questions about the gecko’s health, feeding habits or just general topics about the reptile. The seller or breeder should be knowledgeable and be able to answer your questions.

Knowing how to choose a crested gecko will ensure that you bring home a hardy, healthy gecko that is right for you. Knowing that it is healthy and that it comes from a reputable seller or breeder is helpful. Finally, learn all you can about the species before settling on a particular crested gecko.