Crested Gecko Sales

Since their rediscovery in 1994, crested gecko sales have increased significantly. They have become one of the most popular reptiles for breeders and exotic pet enthusiasts. Crested geckos are available online through reputable breeders, through specialized pet stores and can be obtained directly at reptile exhibits throughout the world. For many, the interest is turning toward breeding these reptiles for the purpose of selling them.

Crested geckos are easy to care for, interesting to watch, and many reptile owners are beginning to breed them for the reptile market. If you decide to undertake the task of breeding crested geckos, be sure you are ready. You can start your own online business to sell crested geckos but you must be sure to acquire any licensing necessary.

You must also make sure that you have the space, resources and the time to invest in their care throughout the breeding process and during their maturing stages. You will need a proper setup for breeding, for housing eggs and hatchlings.

You will need to invest in a camera for taking photographs of those crested geckos you are offering for sale. You will also want to enhance your site with information about the care of the crested gecko.

To increase your selling potential, you may want to invest in wholesale supplies to offer those on your website. This will make you a “one-stop shop” for buyers, or you could just provide a few extras for each crested gecko sold. For example, you could provide a month’s supply of meal replacement powder or feeding dishes for each crested gecko purchase.

You will need to have a reliable means of shipping in place, as well as appropriate packaging for the safe delivery of the crested gecko. You must consider refund policies in case the reptile is harmed during shipping or arrives sick. Many times, sellers will hold crested geckos for a period of time if the weather is not suitable for transport.

Crested gecko sales is a serious business and should not be entered into on a whim. If you are serious about pursuing such an endeavor, check with local officials about proper licensing and ensure that you have the resources and dedication to carry through. Most importantly, do your research. If this is something you truly wish to do and are serious about the effort required, success can be just a click away.