Crested Gecko Supplies

In order to set up the proper habitat and take care of your crested gecko, there are some basic supplies that should be purchased.

Necessary Supplies:

  • Habitat with secure lid – the crested gecko will need an enclosure that is tall and at least 20 gallons in size. Hatchlings can be kept in a small Kritter Keeper or a 10-gallon enclosure until they are four months old. The enclosure should have a secure, screened lid so that the gecko does not escape and ventilation is permitted.
  • Substrate – Peat or potting soil without additives, coco fiber, reptile bark, commercial reptile substrate or even paper towels can be used as a proper substrate.
  • Misting bottle – a misting bottle is needed to maintain the moisture and humidity in the enclosure and to provide the crested gecko with hydration. The enclosure needs to be misted at least once per day, twice per day if the enclosure is mesh.
  • Book about geckos – a book that can be used as a reference for the care of the gecko, along with species information, is vital to learning more about them.
  • Plants – you can use fake or real plants. You should place enough plants in the enclosure to provide lots of climbing opportunities as well as to offer hiding places for the crested gecko.
  • Climbing places – the crested gecko loves to climb and will need a variety of surfaces for this. Cork bark arranged at different heights, bamboo and other types of branches, as well as plants with sturdy leaves, make great climbing areas for the crested gecko.
  • Food – the crested gecko can be fed a diet of meal replacement powder, live crickets and mashed fruit for variety. The meal replacement powder is a specially formulated diet that contains all of the nutrients the crested gecko needs. When mixed with water it forms a paste. Supplementing their diet with live crickets and mashed fruit gives them variety and the insects provide great exercise for their hunting skills.
  • Water and food bowls – a shallow dish for fresh water and food bowls are necessary. The crested gecko should always have fresh water, but make sure the dish is shallow or they could drown. The food bowls can be used when feeding the crested gecko the meal replacement diet and the mashed fruit.
  • Vitamin/mineral supplement – it is vital that the crested gecko receive a nutritionally balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D3 to process the calcium. The meal replacement powder contains all the necessary nutrients. However, if you feed the gecko crickets and mashed fruit along with the diet, it is also suggested to dust the crickets and mix the vitamin/supplement powder with the fruit.

crested gecko suppliesThese are the basic crested gecko supplies. You may also consider obtaining a good thermometer and humidity gauge to ensure that your crested gecko’s habitat remains within the proper range. If you wish to observe your gecko at night, you can install an infrared bulb that will not disturb them. In addition, if extra heat is needed you can use an infrared heat bulb. With these supplies, you will have all the necessary materials to properly house and care for your crested gecko.