Temperature & Heater

The crested gecko temperature is regulated from their environment. Their natural habitat of New Caledonia records temperatures between 75°F-80°F, rarely falling below 65°F. The ectothermic crested gecko can be maintained in captivity at temperatures between 70°F and 80°F, which is room temperature for most homes.

Temperatures above 85°F can result in stress and death to the crested gecko. They will succumb to hyperthermic shock, which is fatal. Never place their habitat directly by a window that receives direct sunlight, as this will overheat the enclosure and could be fatal to the gecko. In addition, make sure that their enclosure has proper ventilation.

reptile tank heaterTemperatures below 60°F can also lead to stress and illness of the crested gecko. To add heat, you can place a ceramic heating unit under the enclosure or simply use a red infrared heat bulb. This type of light is invisible to the gecko and therefore you can observe them at night when they are most active without interrupting their normal light cycle.

By maintaining the crested gecko temperature in their captive habitat, you will keep your pet healthy. It is best to invest in a digital thermometer to monitor the temperature of their enclosure. To summarize, an average daytime temperature of 76°F is best, with a cooler temperature of approximately 72°F at night. Fluctuations to 80°F during the day and the mid-sixties at night are acceptable.