Where to Buy a Crested Gecko?

The Internet, pet shops, reptile exhibits and breeders should all be looked at when considering where to buy a crested gecko. Depending on how you prefer to purchase your crested gecko will largely influence where you go. Being prepared with the knowledge about all resources will help you decide where to buy your new pet.

The Internet

The Internet offers hundreds of sites that sell crested geckos. The sites are generally breeders who specialize in this particular species. They will often showcase with photographs and descriptions the actual crested geckos that are available.

Most reputable crested gecko sellers will offer guarantees for shipping of the reptile. They will generally not ship the animal unless the temperature is at a safe level on both ends. This prevents the crested gecko from becoming ill or perishing during transport due to temperatures that are too high or too low.

The advantage of shopping online is that you can see the photo of the crested gecko, guarantees on shipping are offered and the prices are generally competitive. The sites sponsored by breeders are good choices because you are dealing with a person who is knowledgeable about the crested gecko. You can easily check the site owner’s knowledge by reviewing the Website in detail and asking questions about the reptile and the business.

The disadvantage of shopping online is that you cannot see the crested gecko in person and often are unable to ascertain the habitat conditions in which the animal was raised. Search the Website for details about housing and hatchling care to ensure that the crested geckos are raised well and are healthy.

Pet Shops

Pet shops often carry a small selection of reptile specimens. There are some that specialize in reptiles and will offer the crested gecko or can order one for you. The greatest advantage of shopping for a crested gecko in a pet store is that you can see the reptile in person and examine it and its habitat.

The disadvantage is that the selection will not often be as wide as that offered by breeders on the Web. The pet store is a great resource for supplies, however. Having a local shop to turn to when you need food, housing and supplies for your crested gecko is a great advantage.

Reptile Exhibits

There are numerous reptile shows and exhibits throughout the United States. You can search the Internet for information on those closest you. Attending one of these shows will introduce you to many breeders and suppliers. Often there will be everything you need to start your crested gecko’s new home right there in one place.

You can either arrange to have your selected crested gecko shipped or you can transport it yourself. Be sure to ask any pertinent questions about transport and care so that you and your new pet arrive safely home.

So if you are wondering where to buy a crested gecko, try searching online for a breeder, exhibition or reptile seller. Go to the local pet store to inquire about the availability of crested geckos. Do your research and educate yourself about the different resources available for purchasing a crested gecko.