Wild Crested Gecko

Not much is known about the wild crested gecko. Since its rediscovery in 1994, the crested gecko has been bred in captivity. They were found in New Caledonia, a block of islands off the Australian coast. They are known to be semi-arboreal, nocturnal reptiles that feed on insects and fruits.

The crested gecko is found on the southern part of Grand Terre and on the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia. The weather there is tropical, with three distinct seasons. The three seasons are the warm, cool and the transition. Rainfall is dominant in the warm season, which lasts for six months.

During the day, the crested gecko will either sleep in a hidden spot on the ground or within the cover of low tree branches. It has been discovered that they are somewhat habitual and will frequently sleep in the same place every night. They will also be found curled up with other crested geckos.

crested gecko in the wildThe crested gecko loves to climb and is a great leaper. They climb throughout the forests of New Caledonia and leap from one area to another among the bushes and trees. They get most of their water by licking the raindrops off of leaves.

The crested gecko feeds at night on fruit that has softened on the forest floor or on insects. They feed on crickets, moths, spiders and various other insects throughout the forest. Their well-developed senses allow the crested gecko to find food and identify predators at night. They will chirp or bark to ward off predators or communicate with mates.

Like other nocturnal species, the wild crested gecko is active at night and can be observed eating, mating or simply roaming about when the sun goes down. They are an amazing species full of unique character. Their variety of colors and patterns makes them one of the most sought-after reptiles for pets.